21 Photos That Show the Hidden Side of the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most unique and vibrant countries in the world.

It’s the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience desert landscapes, breathtaking coastlines and interesting city centers while also enjoying luxury hotels and fine dining.

But what about the stories you don’t see in glossy magazines?

What about the hidden side of this beautiful country? We at Being smart will show you 22 photos that give an honest look at life in the UAE.

1. “They installed a street sign in the desert at an intersection of 2 sand lanes.”

© cheekypuns / Reddit

2. Do you want a luxurious taxi? Say no more, here’s your McLaren.

© GallowB*** / Reddit

3. “Let me back in! I forgot it’s Dubai, and it’s 10 a.m. and 104°F outside.”

© Sigiryet / Reddit

4. Nothing unusual, just a sandstorm in Dubai…

© The_Wan / Reddit

5. “I’m not like the others, I like exotic places. So my hotel is located in a non-tourist area of Dubai.”

© ARES720 / Pikabu

6. “Keep your distance, my mom is waiting at home. This is a dash cam photo from the streets in Al Qusais.”

© ShakeMo / Reddit

7. “This is an abandoned car dealership in Dubai. I’m the first one to enter in 8 years.”

© ThunderHashashin / Reddit

8. Alas, sometimes the UAE isn’t all about clean beaches and white sand.. Stations at Dubai beaches that distribute sunscreen

© mrsskrb / Reddit

9. Stations at Dubai beaches that distribute sunscreen

© wait_ill_google_it / Reddit

10. “I saw a cat politely waiting for the elevator to open.”

© LandsOnAnything / Reddit

11. And this bird is politely waiting to enter the metro.

© hamijjww / Reddit

12. A regular day at a local beach with the biggest observation wheel in the background

© AlmeidaProject / Reddit

13. This Starbucks in Dubai is quite an exotic-looking place.

© naveedflix / Reddit

14. Meeting a hen or a rooster in the street? Why not?

© gowke / Reddit© G**point_Rajah / Reddit

15. “My cousin, the kayaker, took the best photo of Dubai that I have ever seen.”

© catloveroftheweek / Reddit

16. “I had a 24-hour layover and $40 for a room. This is why everyone should try Airbnb.”

© Kdowd12 / Reddit

17. “I was about to get mad until…”

© greasylens / Reddit

18. The Burj Khalifa outlook at nighttime in Dubai

© akiro.photo / Pikabu

19. “It was snowing and hailing in the United Arab Emirates today. I’ve never seen anything like this here.”

© tu154b / Pikabu© tu154b / Pikabu

20. “My boss cleans houses for rich people on the side for a living.”

© ColonOBrien / Reddit

21. The city view from a bird’s perspective — see you soon, beautiful Dubai!

© yugallll / Reddit

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