27 Photos That Prove There Is No Other Place Like Scandinavia

There’s no doubt that Scandinavia is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

With its dramatic, snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes and coastline, and charming villages, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to this corner of the globe.

And they don’t stop there: Urinals on the 21st floor with an open city view, trash cans with Wi-Fi, having special baby chairs and much more.

Being smart is amazed by Scandinavian countries and wanted to explore more about their lives. These 27 photos prove that there is no other place like Scandinavia.

We want you to immerse yourself into this awesome atmosphere too.

1. A bus stop library in Norway

© reeddiitt / reddit

2. In Sweden some restaurants don’t cut your pizza. They give you scissors and you do it yourself.

© ahfodder / reddit

3. Urinals on the 21st floor at midnight in Oslo

© LongLiveGorf / reddit

4. A McDonald’s building in Norway

© lileGenji / reddit

5. In Denmark there are special hitchhiker-stations.

© missidad / reddit

6. This Burger King in Norway has a sink for you to empty your soda in before you throw the cup away.

© Sakuga / reddit

7. Check out the midnight sun in Norway — there is light at night as well.

© unknown / reddit

8. “In Sweden we have trash cans with Wi-Fi to attract people to throw away their trash.”

© glimpim01 / reddit

9. In this park in Denmark, the authorities installed ladders on the trees to help kids climb safely.

© Lillipout / reddit

10. New 6-packs of beer sold in Norway are held together only by glue, the only plastic is the handle.

© Nagenze / reddit

11. Transporting cargo in Denmark

© unknown / imgur

12. This shopping mall in Norway uses towels instead of paper towels in its bathrooms.

© TheFatGoat / reddit

13. In Copenhagen the trash cans are often situated at an angle so it’s easier for cyclists to throw out their trash.

© unknown / imgur

14. This police car in Sweden uses a roof box to blend into traffic.

© Swee_et / reddit

15. Oslo, Norway has mobile charging stations that are powered by solar panels.

© spynman / reddit

16. Busses in Sweden now have special baby chairs.

© OlleAx / reddit

17. “I turned 18, so the Danish parliament sent me a copy of the Danish constitution.”

© not-a-horse / reddit

18. In Norway, the packed meat has a “thermometer” that tells you how many days are left until it’s no longer safe to eat.

© vegakiri / reddit

19. This Danish restaurant keeps track of occupied tables using Legos.

© mcshtam / reddit

20. A Norwegian moose stew recipe was sewn inside of a jacket that’s always on hand.

© sveinrei / reddit

21. A Danish sperm bank has a special bike with a cryo tank.

© unknown / reddit

22. In Sweden they celebrate The Fat Tuesday — a day when they eat lots of these Semla buns.

© Frugan / Flickr

23. Norway has public bike tools.

© Innane_ramblings / reddit

24. The bathroom signs at a local mall in northern Norway depict reindeer instead of humans.

© PM_ME_CUTE_SNOOTS / reddit

25. Waiting at a bus stop in Sweden you can see a perfect depiction of Scandinavian personal space.


26. Meanwhile, at work today in Northern Sweden…

© DrSAuna / reddit

27. Very clear water in Sweden

© unknown / imgur

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