35 Best ’80s Hairstyles For Women To Try In 2024

The 80s were the decade of big perms, bigger hairspray, and the boldest hairstyles. As retro trends make a major comeback in 2024, it’s time to revisit these rad and iconic ’80s hairstyles for bold new looks.

From teased bangs to rat tails, punk spikes to princess curls, the 80s hairstyles ran the gamut from glamorous to gritty.

Here are 35 best ’80s hairstyles for women to try in 2024. Recapture the expressive vibes with volumized and textured locks that make a wildly fun statement.

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1) Permed Hair

permed hair 80s hairstyle

When you think of ’80s hairstyles, massive perms likely come to mind first. Corkscrew curls and loose waves created extra volume and texture that took hair to new heights – literally to the sky! These perms ranged from tight spirals to loose and bouncy.

Ask your stylist for a loose, soft perm with large waves rather than tight coils for a modern take on perm magic. Have waves rolled under at the ends for extra lift at the roots.

A soft-volume perm will give you fuller-bodied locks while avoiding the dreaded triangle hair. Say goodbye to flat hair and unleash those attractive waves.

2) Feathered Shag

feathered shag 80s hairstyle

One of the most famous cuts of the 80s was the feathered shag. This iconic ’80s hairstyle featured layers of feathered bangs sweeping across the forehead and ends flipped outwards for loads of movement and body. The layers were often permed for extra volume.

Get a layered cut with textured ends framing the face to recreate this versatile look. Add flirty flipped-out tips that catch the light. Run your fingers through the ends while blowdrying to bring out feathered separation.

Top it off by perming the layers for authentic 80s shag volume. This sexy cut flatters all face shapes.

3) Frohawk

frohawk 80s hairstyle

The frohawk combined an edgy faux-Mohawk shape with a voluminous afro texture. This unique look left tight curly coils tall in the center, tapering shorter on the sides. It was a bold yet totally hip way to style natural curls.

In 2024, unleash your inner punk by growing your curls into a fierce frohawk shape. Define coils with gel and shape the hawk outline as the hair lengthens.

Let those natural curls shine while making a rebellious statement. This fusion of punk and boho vibes creates a bold and beautiful style.

4) Jheri Curls

Jheri Curls 80s hairstyle

Named for the infamous Jheri Redding gels and curl activators, these smooth-defined ringlets created major volume and sheen. Jheri curls adorned short and long locks alike with hydrated hyper curls.

On naturally curly hair, define coils using moisturizing gels and curl creams. Opt for tighter curl patterns to mimic the exaggerated Jheri curl effect.

If your hair is stick straight, perm very tight mermaid curls all over – the smaller, the better for nailing this glossy spiraled style.

5) The Mullet

The Mullet 80s hairstyle

No list of iconic ’80s hairstyle trends is complete without the mullet. This versatile business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back style paired short layers on top with longer hair hanging down the neck and shoulders.

Mullets came in many forms, from curly to spiky. Today’s mullet is decidedly more subtle and cool. Keep lengths close from short to long without severe contrast.

Aim for tapered sides and back with added layers on top for movement. Style the top section into a trendy pompadour or spikes. Pair your mullet with acid-wash denim for the full experience.

6) Hair Blowout

Hair Blowout 80s hairstyle

Voluminous blowouts provided the perfect base for teasing and backcombing. Using round brushes, blow hair upward from ends to roots while blasting with hot air. The result? Sky-high hair is full of major lift and body.

Channel this bombshell blowout by prepping damp hair with volumizing mousse. Then, use a large round brush to flip up ends while blow drying.

Concentrate heat at the roots for extreme volume. Set the style with cool air. Blast those locks with hairspray for a larger-than-life lift that stands up to teasing.

7) Big Teased Hair

Big Teased Hair 80s hairstyle

What immediately comes to mind when you picture ’80s hairstyles? Most likely, it’s big, teased styles that went for maximum height. The secret was backcombing and ratting sections to build skyscraper height.

To recreate this gravity-defying volume, tweeze up small sections at a time. Mist with hairspray as you backcomb to build hold. Concentrate on the crown and sides, teasing upwards. The bigger the teased style, the better!

Finish off by smoothing the surface and sealing with a strong-hold hairspray. Walk tall in your mountainous ’80s mane!

8) Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair 80s hairstyle

No ’80s hairstyle was complete without some crimp action. Crimping irons were essential for adding tight, zigzagged waves full of texture and funky patterns. Crimped locks paired perfectly with teased perms.

Unleash your inner crimping goddess by breaking out the crimping tools. Alter crimped sections with soft curls or waves for dimension, or crimp your entire head for maximum crinkle power. Finish off your masterpiece with a heavy-hold aqua net.

9) Beehive Buns with headband

Beehive Buns with headband 80s hairstyle

These perched buns involved backcombing hair tightly and piling it high atop the crown in gravity-defying mounds. Beehive buns served as the perfect canvas for accessorizing with scrunchies and headbands.

For a modern and messy take on beehive magic, loosely tease and circle your strands into a top bun shape. Mist with a firm finishing spray as you wind hair into a rounded silhouette.

Leave some ends loose for an undone look. Then, accent with printed scrunchies and headbands in matching colors. Your volcanic updo will erupt with a sassy style.

10) Farrah Feathers

Farrah Feathers 80s hairstyle

Feathery, face-framing layers were made iconic by none other than Farrah Fawcett. Her signature windswept strands added movement and enhanced her glowing features. Similar feathered flips appeared on countless magazine covers through the ’80s.

Ask your hairstylist for longer layers cut to frame your face in flattering sweeps. Go for feathered bangs and flipped-out tips that catch and reflect the light.

Add waves or curls for more texture and separation in the layers. Scrunch mousse into the ends while blow drying for extra flutter. Be a beautiful Charlie’s Angel in this luminous look.

11) High Side Ponytail

High Side Ponytail 80s hairstyle

Slick side ponytails worn high on the crown and towards the top of the head encapsulated ’80s style. Super sleek, smooth, side ponies were often heavily gelled or sprayed for extreme polish.

Gather your locks to one side and tie them in a ponytail, securing it near the top of your crown. Pull tightly. Wrap a thin section of hair around the elastic for a perfectly preppy finish. Lock it down with strong yet pliable hold hairspray.

This versatile side tail can be teamed with any outfit or accessorized with scrunchies.

12) Scrunchies

Scrunchies 80s hairstyles

Scrunchies took the ’80s hairstyle accessory game to new levels. These oversized fabric-covered hair ties came in every print and color imaginable. The bigger the hairstyle, the bigger the coordinating scrunchie!

Bring this playful trend back by lining your locks with scrunchies. Doubled-up ponytails call for doubled-up scrunchies. Choose vibrant colors and prints that pop against your hair color. Scrunchies turn basic braids into boho masterpieces.

Pull back that teased fringe with a jumbo scrunchie, then rock it like it’s ’80s.

13) The Bow

The Bow 80s hairstyle

Speaking of hair accessories, no ’80s hairstyle was complete without an accompanying gigantic bow. These shiny satin bows were fab for accessorizing ponytails, braids, and updos. Bigger was always better when it came to ’80s bows.

Take your ponytail to new dimensions by tying it off with a huge voluminous bow in a complementary color.

Felt bows offer a matte contrast to sleek, shiny hair. Use bobby pins to secure the bow ends into your hair. This playful accent will leave everyone gushing over your pony. For extra charm, put a bow on it!

14) The Headband

The Headband 80s hairstyle

Not to be outdone by scrunchies and bows, headbands also adorned manes in the ’80s. Thick plastic headbands and skinny metallics alike framed faces and pulled-back hair. The headband provided the perfect finishing touch to complete the hairstyle.

Bring back this trend by lining your locks with vividly colored headbands that pop against your hair. Thick athletic style bands look rad while working out or on the town.

Dainty metallic and jeweled bands add glam for nights out. Place them front and center or wrap them around the entire crown. Headbands rule – now and in the ’80s!

15) Half Up And Half Down

Half Up And Half Down 80s hairstyle

This versatile part up part down look left locks flowing while pulling back and controlling what needed to be tamed. Half-up styles were primed for showing off crimped and permed longer sections.

Try a half-up style secured with a giant bow or scrunchie this year. Backcomb the crown area first before gathering the top section. Curl the ends of the down part before styling for extra oomph.

This chic look keeps hair out of your face without sacrificing flow and volume. Embrace the rad contrast of an updo meeting spiraled strands.

16) Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper 80s hairstyle

When it came to daring hair colors, no one rocked more bold hues than the queen of punk and pop. Cyndi’s signature vibrant orange and other neon shades oozed originality. Her styles paved the way for fearless, funky colors.

Make a vibrant statement by experimenting with semi-permanent dyes in intense oranges, pinks, and blues.

Dip dye your ends or add mermaid-worthy rainbow streaks throughout your locks. Or tint your tresses temporarily with bright hair makeup colors and chalks. Let your real colors shine through like Cyndi.

17) Soft Curls

soft curls 80s hairstyle

Big spiraled curls with loads of bounce and movement provided a feminine contrast to the jagged punk edge of the ’80s. Soft barrels and spirals framed faces in flattering waves.

Recreate these romantic ringlets by using a medium barrel curling wand. Wrap wide sections for loose, swooping curls with volume. Pin curls also mimic this effect while amplifying waves overnight.

Let curls cascade down your back, then flip ends under or outward. Say farewell to frizz and flat hair in favor of these supreme spirals.

18) Coconut Half Updo

Coconut Half Updo 80s hairstyle

The Coconut Half Updo 80s hairstyle is a bold, nostalgic look that combines teasing, volume, and vibrant accessories. Characterized by a high half ponytail, ample teasing, and colorful scrunchies, it’s a playful nod to the iconic ’80s hair era. Perfect for parties or adding a touch of retro flair to any outfit.

19) Bangs

Bangs 80s hairstyle

The voluminous locks of the ’80s required equally full bangs. Straight across blunt bangs and soft feathered fringe added striking accents. Perm bangs aligned perfectly with permed lengths.

Play with side-swept bangs or straight fringe this year. Go for a wispy, feathered texture. Getting bangs permed creates an authentic retro texture. For bold impact, opt for dense Bettie Page straight across bangs. Frame that face and complete your shag or perm with a fierce full fringe.

20) The Rat Tail

the rat tail 80s hairstyle

Rat tails featured hair tightly braided or sectioned into a single long tail down the back. The rest of the hair was cut short, emphasizing the dramatic appendage.

Revive this rebellious ’80s hairstyle trend by leaving hair longer in the back and braiding a single sturdy plait down the center. Taper hair progressively shorter from crown to nape for drastic contrast.

For added edge, shave accent lines or patterns around the rat tail. This edgy style complements funky hair colors.

21) Sandy From Grease

Sandy From Grease 80s hairstyle

With her iconic blonde spirals and soft side-swept bangs, Sandy remains the quintessential girl next door. Her schoolgirl side pony and hoop earrings will forever be imprinted in pop culture history.

Get her look by curling mid-lengths under while leaving ends flipped and bouncy. Soften your face with longer side bangs. Create height with gentle teasing at the crown. Finish off with a red lip and gold hoops for her signature sweet yet sexy vibe. You’ll become summer-loving personified.

22) Hippie Headbands

Hippie Headbands 80s hairstyle

Fabric-printed headwraps took inspiration from the 1960s hippie movement and gave an earthy, indie vibe. These boho bands were worn wrapped around the forehead or crown.

Incorporate this trend by accenting braids, curls and ponytails with patterned fabric headbands. Try paisley prints, batik textures and bandana material. Tie strips of printed cotton fabric around your head for rustic appeal.

Let your hair flow freely under the wraps. Achieve Zen-like style in these chill earth mama accessories.

23) Barrettes

Barrettes 80s hairstyle

No ’80s hairstyle was complete without the perfect coordinating clips and barrettes scattered throughout. These playful accents came in fun prints, shapes and sizes.

Raid the accessory aisle for retro barrettes and slide clips to weave into your hairdo. Look for vibrant tortoiseshells, glittering butterflies, or neon geo shapes. Multi-clip claw sets instantly create sections and patterns.

Let these nostalgic accents pull back halves or fringe with cheerful flair. Accessorize with spirit and complete your ’80s revival.

24) Punk Hair

Punk Hair 80s hairstyle

The rebellious punk culture introduced new edgy hairstyles. Mohawks, shaved designs, spikes and unnatural colors pushed boundaries. Creativity and nonconformity ruled.

Try temporary hair chalks and spray colors in intense shades of orange, blue and purple to test drive the punk effect. Talk to your stylist about carving shaved patterns into one side of your undercut to emulate the extreme side-shorn style.

Spike up your cropped cut with gel for an instant punk attitude boost. Express your inner punk rocker through fearlessly funky hair.

25) Workout Headbands

Workout Headbands 80s hairstyle

Let’s not forget the iconic sweatbands and workout gear of ’80s style. These athletic printed accessories were both practical and fun statement pieces.

Keep hair out of your eyes with vibrant headbands while engaging in modern HIIT training, boxing, or just walking. The brighter and bolder the print, the better.

Choose inspiring mantras and neon geometrics that align with your inner fierceness. Your ’80s-inspired headband will keep your hair in check while looking rad.

26) Classic Madonna

Classic Madonna 80s hairstyle

No female artist in the ’80s made more daring hair statements than Madonna. With her edgy bleached locks, dark regrowth and hair piled dramatically into ponytails or top knots, she oozed striking sensuality.

Do it like Madonna by lightening your lengths while subtly letting your roots grow in. Her half-blonde, half-brunette color creates dimension. Pull hair tightly into a high, messy bun or ponytail.

Add stacks of rubber bracelets for her signature accessorizing. Express yourself through bold, bleached looks and provocative style.

27) Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston 80s hairstyle

Whitney Houston defined elegance in the ’80s with her lush natural blowouts and bangs. Her glowing skin and silky hair created the blueprint for polished glamour.

Get her glossy look by regularly trimming ends and using hydrating masks to boost shine. When hair is super healthy, it better holds styles like blowouts. Protect those ends with silk pillowcases.

And frame your features with full side-swept bangs for her signature softness. You’ll radiate Whitney’s timeless beauty and grace.

28) Princess Diana

Princess Diana 80s hairstyle

The world fell in love with Princess Diana’s gentle elegance and signature shy side-swept bangs. Her feathered layers embodied an effortless aristocratic style.

Ask for soft layering and side-swept wispy bangs cut to graze your eyes gently. Use volume mousse and a round brush while blow drying to encourage Diana’s flipped-under waves.

Finish by misting brightening serum onto the ends for her luminous look. Dazzle with her blend of carefree yet refined class and grace.

29) The Mohawk

The Mohawk 80s hairstyle

While similar to punk hairstyles, the Mohawk typically features both sides of the head shaved with a bold strip of longer hair down the center. This rebellious style makes a polarizing statement.

Traditional Mohawks work best on short to medium-length hair on top with precision-shaved sides. Use thick styling gel, clay or pomade to slick back the central strip and define its spiked shape.

Consider dying the longer Mohawk section an intense color for extra drama. Let your edgy light shine bright with this eye-catching adolescent style.

30) Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair 80s hairstyle

Short hair was spiked straight up for an edgy ’80s style statement. These stiff peaks covered heads in the decade of decadence.

Recreate this texture by applying gel to short, damp hair and blow drying sections straight up. Then, lock in the spikes with finishing spray.

For an extreme definition, rub in styling glue as a final step. Spiked tips contrast with tapered sides. Spike up that cropped cut for a rebellious edge.

31) Straight Hair

Straight Hair 80s hairstyle

Sleek, glass-like straight hair came into vogue in the ’80s as an alternative to voluminous curls and perms. Long, healthy hair with mirror-like shine was the epitome of aspirational glamour.

32) Flapper Girls

Flapper Girls 80s hairstyle

Some ’80s girls embraced influences from the free-spirited 1920s flapper era. Chin-length bobs and finger waves embodied this retro revival.

Incorporate vintage textures like sleek finger waves secured with bobby pins. A chin-length bob-cut blunt with one-length full fringe bangs channels the flapper aesthetic.

Accessorize your modern flapper ‘do with thin headbands, silk scarves, and tubes of bold lipstick. This athletic, girly, throwback look will make you want to dance to Charleston.

33) 80s Pixie Cut

80s Pixie Cut 80s hairstyle

Short-cropped pixie cuts allowed for playful manipulation of texture. Gels created wet looks and spikes, while mousses added lift. The possibilities were endless!

Work today’s textured pixie cut using volumizing and molding products. Ask your stylist for rounded layers cut to enhance the movement of your natural texture.

Finger-fluff pieces for height and definition. Embrace your inner fairy.

34) Bubble Ponytails

Bubble Ponytails 80s hairstyle

Bubble ponytails featured teased and puffed bases for exaggerated volume contrasting sleek trailing ponytails.

Use elastics and firm-hold hairspray to tease massive height beneath ponytails. Smooth any bumps into round basketball shapes before gathering them into elastics.

Let lengths remain sleek down the back. The result is part retro, part exaggerated glam. Your bubble pony will turn heads.

35) Shaved Sides

shaved sides 80s hairstyle

Nothing said punk attitude more than shaved sides and undercuts. Pairing extremely short sides with longer drama on top created bold styles.

Talk to your stylist about carving shaved geometric or curved patterns around one side of your undercut.

Keep lengths long on top to sweep over for dramatic reveals of your designs. Sharply defined sides modernize this ’80s hairstyle.

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Things to Consider When Styling 80s Hairstyles

Recreating iconic 80s hairstyles can be fun and liberating, but there are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Teasing and backcombing are key for getting big 80s volume. Use hairspray to hold teased sections in place.
  • Large barrel curling irons and perms are ideal for getting those full-bodied curls and waves.
  • Crimped hair requires a crimping iron. Use heat protectant spray before crimping to avoid damage.
  • Invest in some nostalgic scrunchies, headbands and barrettes. These accessories complete the 80s vibe.
  • Rat tails, mohawks and shaved designs are best done by a professional stylist. These punk cuts require precision.
  • Avoid overdoing it on the aqua net! Too much hairspray can leave hair crunchy and dull.
  • Balance retro styles with modern touches like balayage color or soft layers. Make it current.
  • Consider your hair type, texture and length when choosing an 80s hairstyle. Not every look works for everyone.
  • Have fun and don’t take it too seriously! Big, playful hair is all part of embracing the spirit of the 80s.

The bold styles of the ’80s allow you to unleash your inner rockstar. You can rock these rad retro ‘80s hairstyles with the right tools, products, and attitude. So tease, crimp and hairspray away!

 Final words:

As we’ve seen, 80s hairstyles ran the gamut from permed to punked out, teased to tied up in scrunchies. The decade of decadence encouraged big volumes, saturated colors, and self-expression.

Which iconic ’80s trends will you be reviving? Gather inspiration from feathered and frosted looks, then make it your own fearlessly.

With so many rad options, any ’80s-themed hairstyle will surely bring fun and edge to your look in 2024. Get creative and give your strands some dashing ’80s personality!

FAQs about recreating ’80s hairstyles

1: How can I get big, voluminous 80s hair?

A: Teasing and backcombing the hair, especially at the crown, is key for sky-high 80s volume. Use volumizing mousse and hairspray to build height and hold. Curling wands and perms also boost volume.

2: What products work best for 80s Hairstyles?

A: Mousse, gel, hairspray, and curl enhancers are great for sculpting 80s texture. Always prep with a heat protectant. Use shine spray and serum for sleek, glossy looks.

3: Do I need to get a perm to recreate 80s hairstyle?

A: Not necessarily! You can mimic perm texture using hot rollers or curling wands. But perms offer authentic retro volume and curl, especially for tighter spirals.

4: How do I add 80s punk edge to my look?

A: Colored clip-in extensions, temporary hair colors, and chalks make experimenting with neon pink hues easy. For short hair, a mohawk or undercut with some gel completes the edgy style.

5: What face shapes work best with 80s hairstyles?

A: Oval, round, and heart-shaped faces tend to suit 80s volume the best. Fuller faces provide the perfect canvas for big hair. Very thin or long faces can look unbalanced with lots of volume.

6: How can I customize an 80s hairstyle to be more modern?

A: Focus on enhancing your natural texture instead of going full volume. Try a defined perm instead of tight coils. Go for a balayage color rather than solid neon. Add subtle face-framing layers. Blend retro and current.

7: Where can I find 80s hairstyle accessories?

A: Check vintage retailers, Etsy, and online specialty shops for scrunchies, banana clips, fabric headbands, and other retro hair accessories. Amazon also carries affordable accessory packs.

Go big, go bold – 80s glamour awaits! You can rock these iconic retro hairstyles with the right tools and attitude.

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