26 Photos That Reveal the True Colors of the Country They Were Taken In

Traveling is a great way to learn about other cultures and see the world.

But sometimes, what you see in photos doesn’t always reflect the true colors of the country.

These 26 images will show you the real side of the countries they were taken in – from gritty cityscapes to stunning natural landscapes.

So if you’re looking for an authentic travel experience, be sure to check out these amazing photos!

1. “I’m in Saudi Arabia, and they sell camel milk in supermarkets.”

© Mroddfigures / Reddit

2. “A hotpot restaurant in Queens puts all the spices in bear form.”

© breezyqueasy / Reddit

3. “Harvey’s (Canada) gives ’grow your own plants’ instead of a toy in their kids’ meals.

© tom_cruisesteeth / Reddit

4. “A blue stop sign in Hawaii”

© nat_hunt22 / Reddit

5. “Someone in my town is crocheting little hats for postboxes, Dorset, UK.”

© A_Lazy_Lurker / Reddit

6. “These underwater statues I found in a canal in Copenhagen”

© _strange_creature_ / Reddit

7. “You are really not allowed to park along this stretch of highway in Florida.”

© AmalgamTattoo / Reddit

8. “Surprisingly voluminous trash cans in Amsterdam”

© Alter_Tobi / Reddit

9. “So, Subway is now selling pizzas in Brazil…”

© Zooxooz1 / Reddit

10. “In Germany, you can play pong with the person on the other side of the traffic lights.”

© Weezknight / Reddit

11. “I just saw that in my neighborhood in France, there’s a daily baguette delivery service.”

© aphfug / Reddit

12. “A cake that you can buy out of a vending machine in a can”

© cheese_n_apples / Reddit

13. “The local blood banks in Melbourne, Australia have these signs to show how much blood they have.”

© awritemate / Reddit

14. “In Wroclaw, Poland, each cathedral and even the rivers have a tactile model nearby for blind people to see them too.”

© zushini / Reddit

15. “A miniature traffic playground in Copenhagen where kids learn to bike in traffic”

© ledigtbrugernavn3 / Reddit

16. “Drove past this building that looks like a picnic basket in Ohio.”

© iMissMyMsPotato / Reddit

17. “Saw this surreal looking skyscraper on vacation in Italy.”

© slimJoji / Reddit

18. “This field of tulips in Holland”

© ChickenAndG*n / Reddit

19. “In Wyoming, there are some huge snowdrifts still. I’m 6’1” for scale.”

© Dillon-Croco / Reddit

20. “A Filipino restaurant in Seattle with no menu”

© jhonnyhax / Reddit

21. “Another obelisk found this morning in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota”

© prplrgn / Reddit

22. “Macy’s in NYC still has a couple of their original, still functioning, wooden escalators.”

© RadioShea89 / Reddit

23. “A friend ordered tiramisu in Scotland. Why sugar the lid?”

© NoBid9404 / Reddit

24. “This custom sink in the women’s room at the Chimacum Chevron”

© LaCroix_for_joy / Reddit

25. “My friend is vacationing in Armenia. This is his $6 dinner.”

© viewerdoer / Reddit

26. “This Swiss water bottle has the mountain that the water’s from inside of it.”

© Blocklinger / Reddit

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